-My Top 5 Favorite Male Fighting Game Characters-

Through all of the fighting games I’ve played, there’s always one character more memorable than the rest for me (and it’s usually the main character, haha). While one or two of these characters might not be my most played characters, they’re the characters that mean the most to me and represent the heroism and strength of their respective games. Here are my top 5 favorite male fighting game characters:

5. Siegfiend (Soul Calibur series)

SiegThe knight of the Soul Calibur series has been through a lot of changes; once known as the ‘Azure Nightmare’ and once he became the Soul Calibur’s chosen champion. Siegfried is more or less the main protagonist of the ‘Soul’ series of games, but he isn’t your typical hero due to his blood-stained past and his struggle for redemption. He’s always been a character that I play no matter how he changes in each game and he’ll forever be a really cool sword-wielding character. Fun and simple to use, Siegfried has stayed true to his playstyle throughout all of the Soul Calibur games since the original Soul Edge on PS1.

4. Yu Narukami (Persona 4 Arena)

NarukamiDespite only recently entering the fighting game format with last year’s Persona 4 Arena, Yu Narukami brings his stylish sword fighting and Persona mastery to the stage. Yu’s transition from the RPG Persona 4 to the fighting game Persona 4 Arena was really smooth, with moves inspired by several other Arc System Works fighting games and given a unique spin on them. Yu and his Persona Izanagi work so well together and it’s easy to pick him up and learn some tricks straight away. Yu’s also very cool, and not in the cheesy kind of way either.

3. Ryu (Street Fighter series)

RyuA steadfast dedication to training and the pursuit of self-betterment, Ryu is the paragon of martial arts in the Street Fighter series of games. This ‘shoto’ fighter is a character that’s iconic throughout not only in Street Fighter but Capcom games in general, appearing in all of the Capcom Vs fighting game titles. Ryu fights not only to hone his skills as a martial artist but also against the murderous intent of the ‘Satsui no Hado’, a malicious fighting style which the demon-like martial artist Akuma practices. Ryu’s always one of my go-to choices in any title he appears in, since I can always rely on his play-style to remain largely the same.

2. Jin Kazama (Tekken series)

JinA hero turned anti-hero, Jin Kazama’s dark lineage is as big a part of him as his conviction to rid himself of it. Ever since his debut in Tekken 3, Jin quickly became the poster child of the series and the main focus of the story. Jin’s fight against his bloodline, the Mishima family, is the driving factor behind his actions, even when he more or less becomes the villain in Tekken 6. Regardless, Jin is easily one of the coolest characters in the series and despite being tricky to play he’s very satisfying to use.

1. Ragna The Bloodedge (BlazBlue series)

RagnaRagna shows that what doesn’t kill you only makes you angrier. Ragna is the BlazBlue series’ aggressive protagonist whose major goal is to fight for what he thinks irrespective of what people believe. Ragna became immediately appealing to me when I first got into his story in the original title, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, and was drawn in by his resemblance to Guilty Gear’s Sol Badguy. Ragna is my main character in all of the BlazBlue games and it’s always been exciting to see what new moves and combos he gains as the games change. While it’s unfortunate that I might not get to play the newest game, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, I still enjoy watching gameplay and combo videos of him and I’ll never forget how much fun I’ve had with him.

That’s my list of my favorite male fighting game characters. What about you, what’re your favorites? Let me know in the comments sections, or on my Twitter or Facebook.


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