-My Top 5 Favorite Mega Man Characters-

Mega Man is a series close to my heart and it’s one of the series I grew up playing. I’m very sad that the series has disappeared completely in the last gen and I was really disappointed that I didn’t get to play any sequels or new titles. Regardless, I’ll always remember the fun I had with Mega Man games and I’ll always appreciate my favorite characters in the franchise. These are my top 5 favorite Mega Man characters:

5. Mega Man Volnutt (Mega Man Legends series)

VoknuttThe ambitious ‘Digger’ of the Mega Man Legends series, Volnutt is a character who packs a variety of weaponry and fights robots the sizes of buildings. His debut in Mega Man Legends on PS1 was interesting but welcome, and I’ll always remember how engaging the original game was and how awesome Mega Man Legends 2 was. Volnutt is brave, courteous and always ready to face a challenge head on. Discovering his origins in Mega Man Legends 2 really adds some interesting depth to his character, but his fate is left uncertain in the game’s conclusion. It’s a shame we’ll never get to see what becomes of him since Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled, but I was satisfied with both the first 2 games despite that.

4. Mega Man.EXE (Mega Man Battle Network series)

megaman_exe_rush_to_action_wallpaper_by_megamanxstream-d3jlbapThe Net Navi of the aptly named character ‘Lan’, Mega Man.EXE always springs into battle with all the chips that Lan sends him. A legendary Net Navi designed by Lan’s father, Mega Man.EXE’s potential far exceeds his seemingly frail stature and sometimes he’s just plain cool. Using Mega Man.EXE to foil the plans of the evil corporation WWW and spar with the condescending yet strong Protoman is good fun in each Battle Network game. Mega Man.EXE’s several different suit transformations and styles allowed him to adapt to any enemy and deal with any situation. Also, executing a program advance was one of the most satisfying feelings if you could pull it off.

3. Zero (Mega Man X series)

ZeroFrom Maverick to Maverick Hunter; Zero’s origins as Dr. Wily’s dark reploid don’t hold Zero back from fighting for the Maverick Hunters and his best friend X. Zero puts his sword first and his emotions second, even to a fault, especially in the events of Mega Man X 4. Zero’s level-headed, skillful and won’t ever back down from a fight. He may sometimes come off as cocky, but he’ll put his fight where his mouth is. With the help of the powerful Z Saber and several other acquired skills, Zero is one of the most powerful reploids ever created in the X series.

2. Mega Man X (Mega Man X series)

MegaMan XCreated for the sole purpose of keeping the peace between humans and reploids, X is the premier Maverick Hunter. Making his debut in the original Mega Man X and fighting through hordes of mavericks all the way up to Mega Man X 8 and Mega Man X Command Mission, X has consistently proven that he’s got the skills and expertise to fight for what’s right. X can be dedicated and steadfast when he needs to be, yet sometimes puts too much faith in people, which has sometimes led him into serious problems. Troubled by some of his actions and often afraid of his own future, X walks a risky path but will always put his life on the line for his duty.

1. Mega Man Zero (Mega Man Zero series)

MegaMan ZeroThis choice might seem strange considering I already listed this character, but the ‘Zero’ of this time period is a much different person. Resurrected several years after X was alive and the Maverick Hunters fought for peace, fighting in a post-apocalyptic world where Mavericks have more power than ever, the Zero of the Mega Man Zero series had his work cut out for him. This Zero’s new design will always be my favorite, and the Mega Man Zero series is one of the hardest yet most rewarding games in the franchise. Mega Man Zero doesn’t fight for anything like duty or peace, but he fights to protect Ciel, the human scientist who brought him back, as well as to protect X’s memory. Taking on entire armies and battalions of Mavericks on his own, Zero is the ultimate Mega Man character in my opinion.

So what do you think? What are your favorite Mega Man characters? Let me know in the comments section, on my Facebook or Twitter.


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