To My Followers Regading SFxT Pandora Content

ChunReiHey everyone, JST here, calming down after a VERY busy week with videos. After doing the RnK compilation, the Online Warriors Vol 1 and doing the Jibbo spotlight, I’d say I need to chill for a while. A few weeks ago I finally completed the Pandora Kills Compilation 7 and Dark Victory; the complete cast Pandora KO video. With those two done, I felt like my masterstroke had been achieved and all the hard work had accumulated for that one video. Considering all the tech videos and combo videos on the playlist, all 7 of the compilations and now Dark Victory, I’d say that I’m more or less done with what I need to do with Pandora. Of course you’ll still see it in Blast Unlimited, that won’t change, however in terms of actual compilations I think we may have reached the goal.

It’d be impossible now to say that Pandora isn’t viable (the Pandora Kills Collection sure changed a lot of minds on Event Hubs), and you’d have to be truly ignorant to continue to deny it. With the SFxT community’s help, I’ve done everything I can to prove the viability of the mechanic and now the community actively uses it. Whether or not them using it is based on the work I’ve done is unknown, haha. What this means for my channel on the other hand is that you’ll probably not be seeing any more Pandora content from me, unless some insane new discovery is made. As I said, I feel like everything that needed to be done has been done. Sure the final two Pandora videos never made it on Event Hubs but it doesn’t matter all too much. I’m just glad that you guys got to see it and enjoy it.

I should note this though; LordWilliam on Twitter (LordWilliam is the contributor of all those bizarre clips on Blast Unlimited) asked me if I’d consider making a Dark Victory sequel. He seems to want to get Pandora kills for the entire cast again. That does sound cool, however, as I mentioned to him, I’m not sure if it’s something people would want to see again. Are you guys tired of seeing Pandora content from me? Do you feel like you’ve seen everything and there’s no point making compilations? Even I admit that with all the videos I’ve made for Pandora, I’ve seen that blue screen of death more than I can count, which I would have never imagined over a year ago when vanilla SFxT’s Pandora was so tricky to use. Now we’ve accumulated so many Pandora videos that you could literally spend hours watching it. With that said, is there any need for more Pandora content from me? I’d like to know what you guys think. After all, these compilations are made by the community and for the community. Let me know on Twitter or on my Facebook. Thanks for reading.


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