-A Walk Around Erith Town In The Evening [18/02/14]-

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted any photography. Sadly I find it hard to get good pictures during UK winters, which consists of nothing but grey skies and rain, haha. Luckily, spring is approaching! I decided to take  a long walk around Erith town (the place where I live) and walk along the bus routes. It was actually quite eye-opening. In my 7 years of living here, I realized that I’ve never actually taken a walk along some of the bus route roads before and I managed to see a lot of places that I didn’t even realize were there. While I don’t mind just staying at home when there’s nothing to do, every so often even I feel like getting out of the house for a short while, I just need somewhere to go. I was really happy I went on this walk to be honest, mainly because I got to see these new sights and it even reminded me of all the walks I took back in Birmingham when I was in University. Anyway, enough rambling. The pics are below, hope you find something cool.


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