Behold The Narrative: Anita Sarkeesian’s Stranglehold On Gaming

This has gone on long enough. I refuse to sit and watch intellectual dishonesty go on like this. Obviously, NO ONE deserves vitriol or real, credible threats, but for this to become about the gaming community once again…I refuse to let this woman reap the rewards of her professional victimhood. This isn’t about doxxing women, this isn’t about suppressing opinion, this isn’t about not wanting female gamers to feel welcome; this is about calling out BULLCRAP when it’s clearly happening. Listen to my whole podcast before forming your opinion. The gaming community can and will get through this. We need to stand together on this one. No more gender divides. No more ‘straight white male’ or ‘girl gamer’ crap. No more skewed statistics or use of straw men to generate falsehoods. We’re all just gamers. Everyone is different; men and women. We ALL enjoy different things. And we should not let this woman create dissonance any further. The power is in our hands. We showed the world that we aren’t the violent criminals waiting to happen that Jack Thompson seemed to think we were. Now, let’s show to the world that gamers aren’t the sexist boys’ club that these hacks and con artists want us to be.

Link dump from video-

Anita’s new video:
InternetAristocrat’s videos: |
MundaneMatt’s video:
Twitter threat page:
Threat page ‘breakdown’:
Verge article:
Thunderfoot video:
B-TEN article about female characters:
Super Smash Bros Samus outfit announcement:
Max Temkin controversy:
David Vonderhaar threats:


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