A Year In Combos -2014- [Combo Video Compilation]

Just like last year, I decided to make a collection of some of the best combos from my videos this year. I tried to make sure I only included original combos that weren’t part of 2 or more videos and mixed them up enough that you weren’t seeing the exact same thing several times. Last year’s video was a lot longer and varied I must admit, though it had even more SFxT than this video does, haha. That said, I’m still proud of making it and I hope you enjoy it too!


One thought on “A Year In Combos -2014- [Combo Video Compilation]

  1. As much as it feels good, the massive damage scaling on supers at the end of large combo strings always seemed odd to me, just save that stuff for a small combo or a catch on the opponent, its wasted bar when it is only shifting mere pixels of HP away.

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