Short Story: Andy’s Had Enough

I got the idea for this short story today as I was considering the sort of people who just seem too calm. Made me think of a narration from a third perspective that will hopefully be thrilling in some way. And no, it’s not about me before anyone thinks that. Everyone knows that I have a long fuse but it gets ignited easily by certain things and I’m very quick to air my grievances. With that out-of-the-way, here’s the story.

When Andy’s Had Enough

Andy was a cool guy. Level-headed, always knew what to say. The rest of the guys and I really look up to him. He’s the sort of person who would smile and laugh at the situations most of us would get angry at. He felt like a great emotional center for us.

When I was feeling down or frustrated, he’d be the kind of guy to give me the usual ‘Ah, you’ll be fine’ and sometimes that was ok. But I’ll be honest, this always worried me.

Y’see, Andy is way too calm. And I mean disturbingly calm. I’ve seen people cut him off in a line or knock over what he’s holding and he’ll just quietly move on and mind his own business. I was always meaning to ask him if he ever was bothered by it, but I decided against it. I mean, everyone has their own ways of dealing with things right? I’m sure he does too.

I guess, that’s exactly what bothers me. How does he deal with things? Is he the sort of guy to scream into a pillow when no one’s around? Or maybe he’ll go to the gym and pound on a training bag. I just don’t know. I’m concerned he might be holding things in.

See, my friends and I got this theory; we figure that if Andy ever had enough, it’d be the end of life itself. I mean, what does it take to make a guy like him angry? He always seemed like a boiling pot, constantly teetering on the edge of erupting. You’d never see it in his face and even his brief moments of agitation last no longer than a few minutes. I’m telling you, if Andy ever cracked, we’re done for.

Thing is, it’d be fast and scary. It wouldn’t make any sense and it’d be over so quick you wouldn’t know what just happened. The guys and I thought he might end up hurting someone bad, like real bad. I’m scared that if something ever finally struck his nerve then we’d witness the birth of a monster. There wouldn’t be any justification for it or any sort of apology. If Andy snapped, I’m not sure if I wanna be there to see it.

I don’t know if I’m just thinking too much over nothing. I worry about the guy since he seems so calm all the time. Sometimes, I want him to just get a little bit angry, y’know, to let some of it out. Better than always being on the edge, right? Tell you what though: if Andy ever had enough, I’m gonna make well sure it wasn’t me who did it. I might not live to tell you about it.

So what did you think of the story? Remind you of anyone you know? Thanks for reading!


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