The Careless Celebration of Ignorance

10369922_499953376815856_6850768224922527259_nI once heard someone say to me that ‘ignorance is celebrated’ and I didn’t quite get what they meant. Call it my serious naive attitude, but I still had some general amount of faith in people and I just assume people were ignorant either by circumstance or a lack of knowledge. I’ve soon come to find that the truth is much more sinister.

A saw a guy once that I really respect, I think his name was Tyler King. The guy was in the comments section of an article, arguing with tens of people at a go. He wasn’t swearing, being belligerent or disrespectful at all. He calmly, with a sense of witty banter, explained things to them and debated rationally whilst they were assaulting him with illogical assertions. I remember feeling overwhelmed; it was phenomenal, to see someone casually argue with that many people and keep his cool. I always hated being outnumbered in arguments and I always back out when I know it’s just a strength in numbers battle. But man, he really inspired me. To an unrealistic standard. I do not have that level of patience.

I thought, once again being naive, that all it took was for people to be aware of the information for them to be enlightened. That all you need to do was inform someone of information so that any misunderstandings are cleared up. But in the past year or so I’ve met people who willingly choose to ignore said information and just continue to be illogical. People actively choosing to reject information either because it’s inconvenient to their own beliefs or they refuse to accept that as the truth. And I’m not talking favorite flavors of ice cream here, I’m talking about cold, hard facts. And then, these people act smug, they act smug in their intentional disregard for the truth, and proceed to treat you like a fool. Ignorance is quite literally celebrated.

A friend of mine in the past once said to me that ‘You used to be a nice guy, but you just stopped trying’, referring to an attitude change I underwent during my teenage years. To be honest she was kind of right, just perhaps for different reasons. I used to be called a nice guy because I was welcoming, open and understanding, and even those who acted out-of-line I would treat with a level of respect. Funny, considering a friend of mine at the time told me that I was ‘too nice’. Conflicting though that point may have been, but that too I can agree with. I naively let people fool me into thinking there was more to their idiocy than, well, idiocy. I used to think that the statement ‘people are stupid’ was a callous and cold disregard for humanity, so misanthropic in its nature that I rejected it outright. Simple fact is, a lot of people are just stupid. And there’s no amount of research or scientific information that could change that.

The moral of the story is that for me, my trust in people is at ground zero. Destroyed by the faith I placed in people that was casually used to slap me in the face. These days everyone starts off with an equal level of reliability until they prove otherwise. If someone’s cool and helpful, that’s good, I can rely on them to be a certain way. If not, then they might as well not exist. I may joke about it, but I’m not at all misanthropic. I wouldn’t spend so much time on making YouTube videos, writing game articles and posting images if I didn’t want people to enjoy things I share. I do believe in the capability of people to do the right thing and be informed. The sad thing is though, I’ve been horrendously let down by so many people in recent months that it’s hard to know who to look up to. Deep down I always sort of felt that it was all too perfect, that you find someone who shares a common interest and inspires you. But the gap where you end and they begin is much wider than you think and once you notice it, it’s hard to ignore. I try now to lead by example and at least be the only person to say the logical thing, even if no one else chooses to.

I may still respect Tyler King but I sure as heck can’t follow his example. I’m too angry and frustrated to afford people that level of leeway and I’ll never let people make a fool out of me when I know they have no intention of wanting to learn the truth. Life is a series of bullcrap by bullcrap artists, and the eager lap dogs that eat it all up. All I can do is continue to spread upright ideologies and find people who have common sense to converse with. This doesn’t mean I’m setting up an echo chamber, I aim to debate and even argue with my intellectual rivals within reason, because I actually get some kind of weird enjoyment out of that. However, if someone so much at hints at being a clown then they will be treated as such. No more mr. nice guy, as it were.

And that’s it really. There’s not much more I can say beyond that. I once believed in people so much, but now I have next to nothing to believe in. I used to be incredibly accepting of things but now I’m so apathetic to it that I can’t even be bothered to give it the time of day. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m handling things in the most optimal way but as a human it’s simply a coping mechanism. What can I say, I fully admit that I’m not the paragon of peaceful virtue I once used to delude myself I was. Now I’m just another dude on Twitter that rants about stuff that’s never gonna change. It’s why I put all my effort into producing things I can be happy with and proud of. Like I mentioned earlier, if there’s no one to look up to, then I’ll do my best to not be like them and act in a manner that is right and fair. So at least then I can be at peace with myself even if I don’t trust others. It’s all I can do.


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