ASM1: A Bigger Nightmare Than The Bal 27?

Asm1Now, don’t get me wrong: the Bal 27 was pretty hard to deal with in its time. But even before the nerf, I never felt like the Bal 27 just stopped me from being able to play the game. Gun fights with it actually felt do-able, as long as you kept your wits about you and had good movement. Honestly though? The ASM1 makes me feel like I never get a chance.

See, people complained about COD Ghosts cause of the ‘time to kill’: basically the average time it takes a player to die in a gunfight. In Ghosts, it was roughly a second or two, so really unforgiving, but that’s just it though: nearly every gun could do it. That was Ghosts’ whole meta-game, dying instantly meant you had to be really careful, and personally I enjoyed it. The much more in-your-face, aggressive nature of Advanced Warfare is a whole new pace and adding a longer time to kill meant we could enjoy engagements. However, as well all know, any gun (or guns) that effectively break the rules of the meta have always stood out. COD4’s Ak 47, MW2’s UMP45, MW3 Type 95 (pre-nerf), Black Ops II’s MSMC and so on. I feel like the ASM1 is the next in that series.

I should make it clear that I’m not the type of guy to get mad at gun balance or think that anything should be nerfed most of the time. I love strong features in games, be them top-tier characters or good guns. I don’t even hate the ASM1, I use it myself for ranked matches and sometimes in general matches. I don’t even necessarily think that the ASM1 should be nerfed at all, but the unfortunate truth is that the balance is lop-sided. The AMS1 has the highest damage out of all the SMGs, which in itself isn’t a big deal: the problem is how despite its weaknesses compared to other SMGs, it somehow bypasses all that and wins engagements most of the time. Even against the Bal you have somewhat of a chance, but the ASM1 kills you almost instantly. It feels like I never even get a chance to shoot.

Obviously, there are some factors to consider regarding the AMS1’s dominance. Players could be much better now than the first few months of the game, there can be connection issues, and sometimes people get clean shots. However the sheer consistency of the gun makes it hard to think any of those are the real issue. Sometimes it IS the gun and not just random factors.

I’m sure Sledgehammer Games is considering what to do with the ASM1 (and probably game balance as a whole) at the moment, cause I know they’ve been keeping a close eye on both the competitive and casual side of the game. The problem with nerfs in any competitive game is how it merely shifts the tiers; one thing loses the top spot and another one takes its place. For all we know the AK12 could be top-tier next patch, then we’d have to deal with that, haha. But for now, I think the ASM1 need some fine tuning to adjust the oppressive nature of its power output.

I don’t mind a challenge and I don’t mind top tiers, but when something makes a game nearly unplayable, even if you’re using the same gun, then something’s got to change. Hopefully the change will be for the better, because I think the game is fairly balanced for the most part. I still want the ASM1 to be good and use-able, just like the Bal still is, but something needs to be done about it effectively stops players in their tracks.


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