Internet Arguments: An Exercise In Futility

1939825_770865032952042_3367443899168101976_nRecently I’m beginning to feel like there’s no real purpose to arguing with people online. Just like when I finally realized I can just mute people on Xbox Live, I’m beginning to lean more towards ignoring people than engaging in any kind of keyboard warrior shouting match. Sure there’s some important conversations to be had, but they have to be done in the right ways. Places like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are just breeding grounds for ceaseless bickering that has no real goal. And that’s my problem.

I used to think that some kind of logical ultimatum could be reached by talking to people online. I’ve been naive. Fact is, you’ll meet very few people willing to have an actual, logical conversation. Twitter is by far the worst place to try to do so. 140 characters per tweet lacks nuance, and long strings of conversations through tweets are tiring. I learned that the hard way when I first joined Twitter. In the end, it boils down to one person’s opinion versus another person’s.

The rough part too is that sometimes you get in too deep. You’re having these jousting matches with people who, most of the time, you can’t see or hear. Furiously typing away as you try to one-up each other with words. Sometimes the personal investment you put into the argument might get to you, especially if it doesn’t go your way. I remember many occasions where my head would feel dizzy at the sheer ferocity of the argument itself. All to what avail? To either agree to disagree, or be faced with their maddening ignorance? It’s a legitimate waste of life.

I’ll admit, there are some times when you can have a fair and decent debate with someone online, and hey, maybe you’ll learn something too. These worthwhile experiences are few and far between and I could hardly say it’s worth the trouble just to get them. There must be something wrong with us as humans that we feel the incessant need to argue with someone about something they likely have their minds convinced about. It’s a bit of a vice, I know. But honestly these days, I don’t see the point. Arguing with random internet strangers is usually a waste of my time, intelligence and (in extreme cases) emotions. I find my time better spent finding things I enjoy and sharing those, than dedicating any attention to some ignorant fool.


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