-Voice of JST- #38: DOA5 Costumes Banned From Tournaments?

In this episode, I discuss how I feel about the decision of the DOA community to ‘soft ban’ certain costumes from being used in DOA tournaments, in order to improve the game’s “public image”. I give balanced views of the decision and explain the intended benefit of this decision, but also my personal gripes with it and why it’s ultimately very silly. Let me know your thoughts by commenting on this blog post, the youtube vid or wherever you see this posted.

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3 thoughts on “-Voice of JST- #38: DOA5 Costumes Banned From Tournaments?

  1. I don’t see how pretending like these things don’t exist and are fully approved of by the creators improves public image, it proves they are ashamed of it in some sense.

      • No it isn’t like that!….well actually it is and I own all the costumes but GUISE SERIOUSLY ITZ COOL.

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