Let’s Talk About Yukino [Oregairu 2 discussion]

Yukinoshita oregairuSo. Episode 7 just happened. This leads me to a conclusion I reached a long time ago. And before I start, I should mention that no I’m not a blind Yuki hater and I fully understand the character, so please hold your keyboard rage. It’s because I get this character that I feel there’s one thing she’s yet to do: make the effort.

So far, Hachiman (aka ‘8man’ on anime boards) has been falling over himself to try to patch things up or at least make peace with her since the incident in episode 2. And yet, all of it has seemingly made things worse. Just to end up with her saying those harsh but somewhat true words in episode 7. But to be honest, it’s not all that fair. Yui was the first to bounce back and realize that 8man’s actions are selfless and painful, and she cares enough about him to understand that. Hayama, Totsuka, Komachi and the rest of the auxiliary cast notice this too, and are trying to help him. So exactly why is the ‘genius’ that everyone adores too thick or stubborn to want to do so too?

Lately, it’s been all about how she feels. What the character Yuki, as she’s portrayed, seems to be doing is viewing 8man’s actions solely by how they affect her. At first, I thought it was that she cared for him and was worried about his self-deprecating ways, but her actions leading up to ep 7 suggest otherwise. If she’s so smart, why can’t she see that he’s doing all this for her as well as the club? And yet she turns around and acts like he’s making their relationship superficial by turning up to the club. Granted, what she said wasn’t out of malice or hatred, but out of sadness for how their interactions have become. But that’s why it’s so selfish. 8man has been through so much crap in his life, and has to deal with people from his past showing up too. In season one, he was disappointed by both Yui and Yuki yet still went out of his way to help them.

But just because he makes a few fumbles, suddenly she’s sad that he’s not making her feel good about being near him? Not cool. Everyone else is worried about 8man’s actions leading to him ruining himself, and as his friends it makes them sad. They want to help him, but they also want him to open up to them. Hence, a reciprocal interaction. But what has Yuki done, other than get mad/sad each time he does something she disagrees with. If she cares so much about the special relationship they had, why hasn’t she done anything to fix it other than keep her distance and be mad about it?

Here’s the thing: I know there’s a resolution coming. People on My Anime List forums are hinting at a major ‘feels’ moment in the next episode. But from how this is set up, it’s super one sided. This whole time it’s been 8man trying to patch things up with Yuki, whilst any interaction with her since has been nothing but scorn and sad remarks. How is that fair? When is she going to make the effort to try to appreciate his circumstance? Yuki, as she’s written, is the only character pushing him away when he’s been trying so hard to change. He’s been constantly evaluating his recent choices and opening up to others and asking for help. Note, 8man is a character by design who has fallen into one bad circumstance to another and has become a loner. He’s unable to see his self-worth, open up to anyone or appreciate anyone’s feelings.

In spite of this, characters like Yui know that’s how he is and it won’t change anytime soon, but she still cares for him and is happy to see him trying. Think of all the sweet moments they shared since episode 2. When Yui’s sad, it’s because she sees the club’s relationship deteriorating. Yet all of Yuki’s problems thus far have been me me me. Not once have you seen her make the effort to talk to 8man and patch up the rift between them or even vaguely appreciate why he’s in the mess he’s in currently. Any doubt I had before about her feeling sad cause of 8man’s situation were dispelled by her clearly selfish words in ep 7, which put the full onus on him to open up and tell her sorry, I messed up, I need your help etc. And that’s just not fair. When the heck is she going to take the time to bend over backwards for him? That’s all I want personally. If she cares about him so much, as people seem to claim, when in god’s name is she going to show it?

But what about you? What do you think of Yuki’s development lately?

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