My Destiny Character’s Progress [Part 1]

I bought Destiny last week for Xbox 360, since I badly needed something with longevity to play, and I realized something: I actually forgot how much I enjoy the game. I sang the beta’s praises last year, not out of trying to inflate the hype, but because I legitimately liked the game. The full game is even better and I’ve loved playing it.

As with all games where I can customize my character, I take great pride and admiration in my character’s progress. I’d even say this kind of customization is in the top 5 things that draw me to a game. In the week since I started playing the game, I made fantastic progress and my character’s appearance has evolved considerably. Take a look at the photos below (taken from my camera phone, not in-game. 360 doesn’t have a screenshot capture, unlike Xbox One T_T)

Day 1

Day 1-2Day 2

Day 2-1Day 3

Day 3-1Day 3-3Day 4

Day 4-1Day 4-2Day 5

Day 5-1 Day 5-3 Day 5-5Day 6

Day 6-1 Day 6-2Day 7

Day 7-1 Every day, it feels like the progress I make is in leaps and bounds, though I admit it slowed down towards the later levels. I’m currently level 29 and I’m focusing on completing challenges to boost my stats/weapons, and playing the Crucible. I’ll be honest, Destiny’s PVP is some of the most fun I’ve had with a 30fps shooter since Crysis 2/Crysis 3. I wouldn’t say it’s perfectly balanced, but the element of skill is pretty important. You get a rush from making the right guesses, reacting to other players and working together with your team. It’s just really fun!

Playing Destiny so far has actually convinced me to get The Taken King expansion (which I was only peripherally aware of, until recently). Since I’m coming to the end of my character’s level-up potential, I’ll definitely want to progress even more. The best part of the new expansion is that I’ll get the previous 2 DLC expansions, so I can play around with that and take on the new story content.

On a more personal note, I’d like to express why I care so much about Destiny. I recognize people’s valid criticisms of the game and I agree with them to an extent. This game can be seen as a hollow experience, with lackluster story and repetitive gameplay. But the thing is, it’s exactly what I needed despite those flaws.

It came at the perfect time in my life, quite honestly. Coming home everyday and just sitting down, chilling with podcasts, Twitch TV or music in the background and grinding gameplay for resources is very cathartic. Getting back into console shooter PVP, after months of not having XBL gold, is very satisfying. But most of all, Destiny is doing its best to fill the void in my life that was created when my experience with Advanced Warfare’s 360 version went sour.

Destiny on Xbox 360 is not a half-assed port of the Xbox One version, it is a fully featured, beautifully detailed game on its own merits. Sure, the next gen versions look better, but even with the comparison it looks SO GOOD on 360 anyway. The levels look fantastic, the presentation is smooth, the armor detail and guns are well done. I never once felt like I’m getting a nerfed experience because I bought the 360 version. Heck, I forgot I was playing a Bungie game; Bungie, the developers who made the Halo series that I love so much. They put the thought and care into this version of the game that makes me not just appreciate the gameplay, but appreciate the experience too. Every day, when I’m done with the action, I head back to the Tower and just let my character relax and enjoy the view.

Day 4-3If this is the last 360 game I play, then this was a fantastic send off. Destiny isn’t perfect, no way. But it doesn’t need to be, and what it’s done for me is even more valuable than being a more sophisticated game.

So that aside, I’ll be doing more character progress updates in the future, especially if my character gets some cool stuff to show off. If you read this far, thank you. If you feel so inclined, why not considering donating/gifting me to help me get more content to make vids or talk about? Your contribution will be highly appreciated 🙂

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