So What’s It Like To Finally Get Xbox One?


My COD AW character now. It’s good to be back.

So I finally got a Xbox One, after months of yearning for it as the games began to pile up for it. I managed to buy it alongside several games, particularly Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Batman: Arkham Knight, both of which I was eager to play immediately. I’ve also been playing the Black Ops 3 multiplayer beta, which was great fun. It’s so good to finally own the console!

I’d already played a little bit of COD AW on my friends’ Xbox One, but owning and playing the full game’s campaign on my own time was very, VERY fun and satisfying. In a way, what made the experience so profound was the sense of awe and wonder from entering a new gen. It’s a feeling you get very rarely, given that console generations only occur every 7 years or so.

Playing COD AW on Xbox One felt like how I remember seeing COD4 on Xbox 360; being blown away by the graphical detail, cinematic quality and intense gameplay. Obviously COD AW looks much better and has incredible graphics, but the graphics of Xbox One in general are how I remember seeing graphics of 360 for the first time, once the full power of the console was being used. Like I said, it’s that new gen feel.

The only thing that’s slightly annoying is the install and update times for everything. I had to wait 4 hours before I could play COD AW, in between the disc install and update from online. Admittedly though, Xbox One is able to download file sizes of bigger than 5gb within the same time a Xbox 360 can only download 2gb or so. Therefore it’s not all that bad, considering.

The interface can be a bit finicky. Even if you know where everything is, it’s hard to navigate when core features are buried underneath menus. The work-around this is to pin things to your home screen, or snap them during gameplay. Luckily, we won’t have to put up with the Windows 8 inspired dashboard for long, since the Windows 10-style update is coming soon.

In general, it’s just really cool to own a console that plays these amazing, high quality games but also has a smooth interface. The ability to go back to the dashboard, browse other apps and features, then go right back to the game, is phenomenal! Albeit distracting at times, haha. And it’s also really impressive how all the updated games from last gen have been given an overhaul, with the coveted ‘1080p, 60fps’ upgrade. This includes Rayman Legends, which looks and plays amazing compared to the 360 version, which was good for its time.

Bottom line is that I’m very happy to finally own the console. My biggest point of anxiety was that a ton of Xbox One games were cheap and available, but I didn’t have the console to play them on. Nearly 2 years since the console has been released, it’s “current gen” at this point and the games are better priced, even if there isn’t a massive amount of them yet. Now that I have a Xbox One, and next to every game I wanted to get for it, I can rest easy on that aspect of my life.

Back to the tower in Destiny. And it looks fantastic.

Now I just need a new PC…Well, that’s a whole different deal entirely, haha.

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