A Look Back At My YouTube Channel

JST 2015 for youtube ver 2Hard to believe it’s been over 7 years since I started my YouTube channel. That’s probably the one thing I’ve been dedicated to the longest, given that my interest in Photography is relatively recent (about 5 years) and my art was a thing of the past. It’s been a long, developmental journey, and I’ve learned so much in all these years.

For those who may not know, my channel used to be called “TheSoulOfBasement15”, and despite my efforts to change the URL, it still seems to appear that way. Luckily, thanks to the integration with Google Plus, I was able to change it to ‘JusticeSoulTuna’ and keep my branding consistent from then on. The hit gaming videos you know of didn’t always used to be so structured. As I said, I’ve come a long way.

The first big video of mine to reach a significant height in a short amount of time was my SFxT: The Limits of Power video, back in December 2012. Which now has over 8000 view today. This was thanks mainly Shoryuken.com who featured my video and gave it the attention. Since then, I’ve managed to consistently be featured on SRK, occasionally on Eventhubs, and other fighting game related websites.

Before that, I had only random fighting game match videos, experimental gaming content, compilation vids and AMVs (Anime Music Videos) which only my friends really watched. I had some success, but I never quite got anything for the videos I cared about. Some random video, with content I simply borrowed and not compiled, might get over 1000 views but it always felt kind of hollow.

For example, my troll video The Best UMVC3 Dante Combo You’ll Ever See has over 15,000 views to date, but that’s not really an achievement when I was just joking around. It definitely wasn’t until SFxT came around that my content began to soar.

Of the 56 big videos on my channel, 32 of them are from SFxT. The largest of which is SFxT: Any Last Words? from May 2014, which now has over 11000 views. 2 of my highest viewed videos are actually from Smash, with both the APEX: Hax Highlight Reel and APEX: Hax Highlight Reel Redux gaining over 10,000 views to date. Those were quite the surprise, considering they didn’t get around as much as some of my other videos.

To my surprise, my highest viewed videos in the shortest amount of time are my USFIV (Ultra Street Fighter IV) combo videos. In fact, my highest viewed video of all time is my USFIV: Fun With Omega Mode video, which got 10,000 views in about a week and now has a whopping 17,000 views. My Fun With Red Focus video achieved 3000 views in the same time frame that it was released too. Since the initial Omega mode video, my videos for Decapre, C Viper and Juri have all gotten over 2000 views in a short amount of time. It’s almost as if I should’ve been making more SFIV content this whole time…shame I don’t enjoy the competitive gameplay that much :p

For some reason or another, I’m not as active as I used to be. In 2013, I had 28 videos gain over 1000 views to date, and in 2014 I had 13. This year has been significantly less exciting, but I have made some good stuff, such as the SFxT Nomination Challenge video, which appears as one of the first results when you type in ‘JusticeSoulTuna’. This year was also when I released another full let’s play, for the 2014 Strider game. Sadly, no one really watched that 😦

The biggest surprise video was my Metal Gear Rising: Combos into Zandatsu video, which got over 8000 views to date. I don’t even know how! I remember at the time thinking how cool it would be if the video got a ton of views, especially since I recorded it from the exclusive demo you get with Zone of the Enders: HD Collection. And just like that it jumped from 100 or so views to 2000 a few months later, then 4000, then suddenly 8000. I wish I could find where it was posted!

In general, my SFxT videos get the most views, independent of being featured on SRK and/or Eventhubs, but it certainly helps when they do post them. I guessed I can be considered one of the few dedicated SFxT channels, so people can rely on me for the content. Particularly, I became the biggest hub for Pandora videos, especially considering all the videos I made for it. My Pandora Kills Compilation video sits at a comfortable 5000 views, making up for the lack in popularity some of the individual compilation videos had.

If you’ve read this far, you’re likely under the assumption that this is some mega level self gratification. Which it is to an extent, but it’s actually just me marveling at how far I’ve come. From 2007 to 2010, my channel…wasn’t great. I mean, I had fun making videos, for sure, and my DMC4- For My Dear video is one my best creations. And it’s also one my proudest moments as a video creator. But despite some personal successes, my channel just wasn’t going anywhere.

I may have 600+ subscribers today, but back then, before the features on SRK and name recognition in Twitch streams, I was more of a nobody than I am now. Most people, not even my friends at times, were interested in my content. It took a long time experimenting with what I wanted my style to be and which videos I wanted to focus on. Eventually I grew to the movie trailer excitement style of videos, and focused mainly on compilation videos and combo videos.

I recall making my Top 10 Favorite Video Game Bosses series of videos, which was the first time to making content with real depth. It did ok, but I was only really doing what others did at that point. Which admittedly isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s what made me come up with my hugely successful SFxT Daily Blast series, and the phenomenal final season SFxT Blast Unlimited. I wanted to fuse the ‘top clips’ format with a show experience, to release content regularly that puts the community in the spotlight. It served me well for the time I did, and several of the clips fueled the making of my SFxT Player Spotlight videos, as well as other compilations.

The point is, I was a huge nobody and I wasn’t happy with my content. I was either half-assing content that others were better at, or trying to be different and just looking stupid. My videos were uninspired and uninteresting, and I wasn’t (and I’m still not) proud of a lot of them. Full disclosure: I’ve made several videos unlisted, either because they’re redundant because of being updated or because the content was just plain bad. I haven’t archived any of the match videos I made for any of the fighting games I’ve played because those are great progress markers. The videos with more effort put into them were just poorly done, and I needed quality control.

It’s why I’m so grateful to the small but welcoming amount of fans I’ve created. I tend to see the same names appear in the comments of videos I upload for fighting games. When I inform people of upcoming vids, they get excited for a certain level of quality and I tend to deliver that.

Essentially, I’ve achieved the long term goal that I wanted, long ago when I first bought my (crappy) capture card. The goal to gain a dedicated community that appreciates my content. I realized years ago that fame and millions of views don’t mean anything unless there’s a good community behind it. And that level of popularity can be a nightmare, in all honesty. So really, this post I’m writing isn’t just some cheeky pat on the back for myself, it’s actually an acknowledgement of all the awesome people who supported me to get to this point.

I don’t imagine I’ll ever hit 1 million views for anything, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get paid for YouTube content (although I’d love to). But, I’m happy with where I’ve gotten to, even if that means that I’m not progressing as fast as I was from 2011 to 2014. My YouTube channel content is one of my greatest achievements and I’m gladly all of you were a part of that. Thank you.

Now if only someone would make a compilation video of me :V I’ve had to do it myself(link to best of JST), haha.

If you’ve read this far, consider donating! Or, gifting me through Amazon. Links are all below. I’m not important enough to start a Patreon, but any small donations will be a huge help. I want to continue to make content and with your help I can make that possible =) I’ll always publicly shoutout my donations and gifts, and make sure people know what things I’m buying and why. My dream is to one day build a dedicated community and hopefully make some money too. So I guess that starts now.

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