Destiny: The Taken King Is A Fine Good Time

I am LOVING Destiny: The Taken King. Everything from the story missions to the strikes, quests and even patrol missions are really well done. The Oryx boss fight (Oryx is the one called ‘The Taken King’) was really awesome too! The whole game hypes him up for ages, and the level you fight him in itself is very cool.

In fact, the boss fights in the new story missions and strikes are just very creative and fun. The bosses don’t seem to tank as much damage, and fights are diverse, difficult, and satisfying. Oryx was great, but every other fight is just as good. The ‘Taken’ enemies are also very spooky, haha.

My only criticism (if this can be taken as that) is how picked up Legendaries can be less good than Rares, and since your new Light level determines your overall stats, you end up equipping better gear regardless of how good it looks/whether you like it or not. So until I can buy some Legendaries from the tower, my character won’t look how I want her to. Oh well though.

Check out some gampeplay below of the new ‘Sunbreaker’ Titan subclass, alongside commentary of my thoughts on Taken King.

Finally, here’s some screenshots of new weapons and loot I got just on day one of playing, and a final screen of my armor by the end of yesterday.

There’s so much loot to get, and there’s so much to do. Destiny: The Taken King is awesome, so I am quite happy with my purchase.

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