My Top 5 Favourite Games Of 2015

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Another day, another top 5 list that you’ve seen for the billionth time. But, if you’ll take a moment of your time, you can read about what games I enjoyed in 2015. Note, this is NOT a definitive list of the best or most popular games of 2015. This is simply my own, biased, personal opinion, based on the few games I played in 2015. It’s annoying that I need to even give this disclaimer, but anyway, here we go.

5. Halo 5


This game has, by far, the best visuals, presentation, and gameplay experience in the Halo series yet. While I didn’t quite ‘hunt the truth’ I expected in the game’s campaign, I still enjoyed the deeper story beyond Halo’s marketing of ‘Chief vs Locke’. The music was epic, the levels were incredible, and the multiplayer is good fun too. Well, except for that 10 second Slayer respawn time. It’s a real shame too, otherwise I would play the multiplayer more.

4. Rise of the Tomb Raider


It’s the most recent game I picked up, but like the Tomb Raider reboot of 2013, it blew me away with its amazing graphics, epic action, and tense platforming. The pacing of puzzles, exploration, combat encounters, and scripted sequences was well done. The development of Lara into an even more confident and driven adventurer was compelling, creating a character that isn’t like the old Lara Croft at all, but rather a new breed of hero. It’s a deeply engaging game, and I’m happy with the direction this series is going in now.

3. BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend

BBCPEX title

I have waited forever for the BlazBlue series to come back to Xbox, after the game Chronophantasma was missing on Xbox 360. However, with the ‘Extend’ version, it landed on Xbox One, and provided, yet again, a phenomenal fighting game/visual novel experience. This was yet another truly definitive BlazBlue entry, packing every feature, unlockable, and DLC of Chronophantasma, and then some. I dare say it’s my second favourite game since the original game, Calamity Trigger, and just beating Continuum Shift Extend for my second place spot in the series. It’s now one of my most played fighting games in recent memory, and I’m happy to be back with BlazBlue.

2. Batman: Arkham Knight


By far, my most anticipated game of the year 2015, and despite some things being spoiled for me, it was still everything I wanted it to be. It’s unfair to compare it to Arkham City, which is my favorite Batman game, but I think Arkham Knight has a special place in my heart regardless of it not quite hitting Arkham City’s greatness. It was the first game I really dedicated my time to, since I got my Xbox One, and it felt truly ‘next gen’ to me. The story, gameplay, graphics, and sound were all near perfect, and I was enthralled by the Arkham series’ conclusion from start to finish. I loved the stealth, the combat, and both aspects of the Batmobile (yes, I loved the tank stuff). It also goes to show that waiting for a delayed game is often worth it.

1. Destiny: The Taken King


Yes, I’m surprised by this too. Destiny was a surprise for me actually, a BIG surprise. I had forgotten about it completely until the Fall season, where I decided to pick up the original copy of Destiny for Xbox 360. It was then that I remembered how much fun I had with the Destiny beta in 2014, and I realized the merit of the game overall. I noticed that the expansion, The Taken King, would be releasing soon, and decided to get that, after buying the base game for cheap on Xbox One. I was blown away, as I’m sure many others were.

They fixed the story. They fixed the quests and loot system,. They made Destiny what it should have been. The Taken King’s cinematics, narrative, and lengthy story missions embodied what I always believed Destiny could be. The time spent completing every additional side quest, chasing every Legendary and Exotic weapon/gear I wanted, completing the new Strikes, and beating not only the regular King’s Fall Raid but also the Hard mode Raid, made The Taken King worth the money spent. I played the game every day, well into the end of 2015, long after purchasing it in September. Destiny: The Taken King came, and took me on a space adventure that I will never forget.

That’s it for my list! Remember, this was just MY PERSONAL FAVOURITE GAMES OF THE YEAR. Ok? If I played Metal Gear Solid V, it would probably be on this list too, or whichever game you’re probably seething about me not mentioning. Which you shouldn’t be doing, since this is, y’know, my list? Haha.

Anyway, if you want to know my favorite anime of the year, I decided to post it on Current Digital Magazine, alongside other one of the anime enthusiasts on the website.

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