My first Nendoroid! MGS2 Raiden!

2016-06-11 14.52.13

I wasn’t able to go to the May London Comic Con this year (mainly due to being broke!), but in the spirit of the idea, I decided to purchase my first nendoroid! Obviously, there are so many to choose from, but the one which really caught my eye whilst browsing online was the MGS2 (Metal Gear Solid 2) Raiden nendoroid. I’m a huge fan of MGS, MGS2 is one of my favorite games of all time, and I love Raiden himself. So it was an easy choice.

I bought it as soon as I could, it arrived, and after some very annoying set-up, considering how small and fragile the pieces are, I put together the figurine and set it right next to my PC monitor. Despite the frustrations in assembling it, it looks AWESOME! Now I know that if I want to get more nendoroids, I have to be extra careful with them. I gotta say, seeing the finished product in front of me is really awesome. Check out these awesome high-res pictures I took of it!

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