The Division ‘HVT’ Missions Are Good Fun!

HVT Mission thumb

After the story of The Division ends, the post-game stuff is a mixed bag. I still enjoy the game, but replaying story missions or grinding the Dark Zone just to get meager amounts of loot wasn’t the completely right choice. But this new HVT mission system brings back everything I enjoyed about The Division. You get to visit the gorgeous locations of New York they rendered into the game whilst looking for HVT locations, you fight hordes of challenging enemies, and you fight an Elite as strong as a story-mode boss. The missions get progressively harder, and require a team to beat them, but it can still be done solo. I personally think the HVT missions brought some much needed variety to The Division. Plus, the loot drops are all High End or better, just for completing missions or from beating the boss. Good stuff!

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