I FINALLY Got SFV! (And A PS4, Obviously)

2016-07-01 16.57.40-1

So, I chose to finally make the big decision and get a PS4. For too long, I was feeling frustrated by not having access to certain games, and recently I got tipped over the edge by the latest BlazBlue game. Central Fiction is not coming to Xbox One, even though it was previously rumored to be doing so. With that in mind, I realized that I can no longer let myself be locked out of games I care about, so I found a cheap second-hand PS4 and bought SFV, as well as Killzone Shadowfall. Feels weird to own both consoles in a gen, but it feels good man.

Anyway, after playing SFV for a short time, I’ve only done what I knew from playing the betas, as well as what I’ve seen in videos/streams. So here are two short videos that I made from playing this weekend. I’m yet to play online, and I want to train as much as possible before I do. Also, I can’t wait for Juri to come out. She’s fun, from the little I played of her in Story mode, so I hope I like her when she’s fully released!

It’s important to note that I still love my Xbox One (and I still play it more), but getting a PS4 is an opportunity to now have access to nearly every major game release this gen. No longer do I have to miss out on big experiences, and/or wait for a XB1 port. Now, I can be a gamer of multiple consoles, as I always have wanted to be, but never had the chance to do so as a kid. Expect more awesome content from me, from XB1 as usual, but now from PS4 too!

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