KI UK Online Tournament 18-08-2016: JST Matches

KI UK Netplay tourney thumb

My matches from the Killer Instinct UK netplay tournament, held on 18-08-2016. My week long training, Gold placement in ranked, and constant casual match practice led to this one awesome event. I am very happy with how I performed, and I hope you enjoy these matches I played.

*Note: Some matches were unable to be recorded, but I included as many as I could. Full scores and player names below:

JusticeSoulTuna vs ACTION BOBSON: 3 – 1

JusticeSoulTuna vs Never g0 Back: 1 – 3

JusticeSoulTuna vs FeverAyeAye: 3 – 0

JusticeSoulTuna vs FAF mrbevis01: 3 – 0

JusticeSoulTuna vs Vecayse: 0 – 3

Link to Challonge bracket to see the rest of the tournament:

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