My London Comic Con October 2016 Experience

2016-10-30-18-47-35Another year, another incredible Comic Con experience. I got there obscenely early, at about 8:45am when the doors weren’t even open, but once I got in it was non-stop awesome.

First, I got to meet Kara Eberle, Barbara Dunkleman and Arryn Zech, the voice actresses of Weiss, Yang and Blaike from RWBY! Sadly, Lindsay Jones wasn’t there (Ruby’s voice actress, my favorite character), but since Weiss is my 2nd favorite character, I decided to get a Weiss figurine, and a small poster for Kara to sign. It was really cool meeting the ladies of RWBY 🙂

Next, I got to try out Tekken 7, which I didn’t even know was going to be at the convention. The game is so good, even better than I thought it’d be. The graphics are even better to see in real life, the music is fantastic (as usual for Tekken), and the gameplay is very smooth, responsive and satisfying. I put my memory of Lars to the test and fought quite a few different players, all of varying skill levels. The rage arts and special effects are SO cool. I definitely can’t wait to get the game when it comes out next year, maybe even make it my main game.

Speaking of fighting games, I played BlazBlue Central Fiction for the first time too. They weren’t selling the game there, unfortunately, but it is out next week. Although, I am still on the fence about getting it, due to the lack of English dub (I like it for the story and general gameplay character banter). However, I bought the limited edition of Guilty Gear XRD Revelator, for only £50! So I can’t wait to get into that. As for BBCF, I took part in the little tournament they did at the Rice Digital/ Pqube section, and amazingly I won my first 2 matches and got into grand finals! And after a tough final set, I placed 2nd and got some nice simple prizes. I tried my best to use my knowledge of Chronophantasma Extend, and general fighting game fundamentals, to do the best I can, and I’m happy with how I performed.

The spoils of battle!

The spoils of battle!

Finally, I spent a ton of money on different items: got some anime, a manga, 3 figurines, and the GG Revelator limited edition, as I already mentioned. So enough about that, I’m sure you want to see all the pics, so below are the different pics of cosplayers, and below that the loot.





Comic Con, once again, was a fun experience, and I’m glad I was able to go with a plan of attractions in mind, and the money to buy what I wanted (and a little bit more than that too!). Next year should be just as good as well 🙂

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