SFV s2- New Juri Max Damage Again! 560+ Damage Achieved (Corner Only, All Resources)

The previous corner max damage combo Juri had is gone, due to the slower fireball speed in V-Trigger. But, by chaining into her stand HP, Juri can add the fireball once more and create the ridiculous 560+ damage combo she could do in season 1! Here’s the season 1 combo for comparison: https://youtu.be/fqdRUb-FLVQ

Also, I decided to show this combo against different health characters to display an interesting fact; at the highest possible damage, the combo will scale to the character’s health. Ain’t that something? Haha. So basically:
1000 health characters- 567 damage. 950 health- 565 damage. 900 health- 563 damage.

Finally, I gotta shoutout ‘aSwanTing’ for making me aware of the stand HP, after the crouch MP to stand HK chain, in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ct8OnktO0CU

UPDATE: The combo can do a maximum of 569 damage if LP Tensenrin is used instead of the LK Fuha at the end:

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