SFV s2- Juri Optimal V-Trigger From Multiple Starters

These are the combos Juri can perform with V-Trigger from multiple starting points, which covers her normal buttons, a few special moves, and her Fuharenkyaku charges. I decided to focus purely on the best combos to do with these buttons, and excluded jump ins and the V-Skill ender since those only added slightly more damage but the combo remains the same. Her season 2 V-T combos revolve primarily around her double HK Fuharenkyaku juggle, so you’ll see it several times since it’s the best damage. Also, for the Fuha charges I used st.HP as a starter because it’s her best button to combo into each, and the combos in V-Trigger represent what is best to do with the spacing created by the Fuha charge. I hope you find this video useful! Thanks for watching and be sure to drop a Like if you enjoyed it.

st = stand/standing

cr = crouch/crouching

f = forward

MP = Medium Punch, MK = Medium Kick

HP = Heavy Punch, HK = Heavy Kick

LP = Light Punch, LK = Light Kick

qcb = quarter circle back (stick motion)

Music is:

Frantic Aerobics, from Hotline Miami 2

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