SFV s2- First To 3 Sets With Killiams (Awesome Matches Vs A YouTube Viewer!)


Every so often, a YouTube viewer, or someone from the SFV community in general, will want to challenge me to some matches online. Of course, I find these to be some of the most fulfilling matches to play, and it was no different with this guy. Known as TekkenKilliams on YouTube, they wanted to initially play Juri mirrors, but I recommened we just fight with their normal characters instead. This lead to a very tough Laura set, but also a much more balanced Cammy set. You can enjoy both of these long series of sets below. Thanks to Killiams for the matches!

*Note: You should check out their channel too, they have some awesome SFV and Tekken content!

-SFV s2- JusticeSoulTuna (Juri) vs Killiams (Cammy) [FT3 Sets] 09/01/2017

-SFV s2- JusticeSoulTuna (Juri) vs Killiams (Laura) [FT3 Sets] 09/01/2017

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