SFV FNATIC ‘Bunkr Brawl’ – JST’s Tournament Matches (Off-Screen Recording)

I was lucky enough to have my tournament matches recorded, during the SFV ‘Bunkr Brawl’ tournament, held in the FNATIC esports ‘Bunkr’ venue, in Shoreditch High Street, London. The event took place on 22nd January 2017, hosted by the FNATIC crew there, and organized by @UnequalledMedia. Of course, I played Juri and did the best I could within each set. Thanks for watching and be sure to drop a Like if you enjoyed this video!

My matches were against:
Damascus (Ibuki), Dragon King (Nash), CROSS COUNTER (Karin), and Genesix (Bison). Sadly, the last set was not recorded properly, and it was also when I was eliminated. I tried, haha.

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