Destiny: Rise of Iron – Soundtrack Review


I remember saying to myself that I wouldn’t buy the Rise of Iron OST until I had beaten the Raid. I did this particularly because I wanted to savour the satisfaction of having experienced everything the Rise of Iron DLC had to offer, and I could appreciate this feeling through every track in the OST. Luckily, I was able to finally complete the Raid, and I immediately got the OST and found the main track I was looking for: ‘Eyes Up’. This is BY FAR one of Destiny’s best tracks, and one of the most epic boss battle themes in gaming. ‘Eyes Up’ truly embodies the tension, struggle and sense of urgency that the ‘Wrath of the Machine’ Raid’s final boss delivered.

There’s also plenty of other memorable tracks including the main theme (aptly titled ‘Rise of Iron’), Shadow of the Walker (which is very reminiscent of Halo, especially considering the style of the mission this track plays in), Efrideet (the calm music which played during the introduction of the Iron Banner lady), and Sepiks Redux (the excellent guitar remix of the Sepiks Prime theme). The only thing missing is the funky bass solo which plays in the intro segment of the Raid, but you’ll be content with everything else that is here.

It’s a very fascinating mix of styles with this OST; because while the main tone revolves around the theme of knights and the medieval period, there’s also the usual Destiny bounce and charm, seen in tracks such as ‘Siege Engine’. And of course, there’s still some spookiness present in ‘The Archpriest’ and ‘The Wretched Eye’, for those of you missing the darker theme of ‘The Taken King’ DLC. ‘Iron Tomb’s intro is also quite mellow, since it leads to the dramatic final story boss of the DLC.

Destiny: Rise of Iron’s soundtrack is an incredible, fun and epic collection of tracks which, just like the game DLC itself, are wonderfully crafted and unforgettable. It’s a much more heroic departure from the doom and gloom of ‘The Taken King’, and it stands unique against even Destiny’s base game soundtrack. If you enjoyed the Rise of Iron DLC, and you were (understandably) blown away by the Raid music and/or main theme, then get the full soundtrack. It’ll be worth it!

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