My Final Fantasy XV In-Game Photograph Collection


I never imagined that the in-game photography feature of Final Fantasy XV would be such a cool and valuable novelty! One of Noctis’ buddies, Prompto, will take random (often high quality) photos during your gameplay. These range from scripted set-pieces and cutscenes, to moments in battle, and even unseen interactions between the characters where they strike goofy poses. Of course, some photos are hit and miss, and usually it’s affected by the time of day and weather conditions when the photo was taken (welcome to current gen game engines; we’ve come that far, it’s nuts). But for the most part, the photos you get through your journey in FFXV are amazing, and I made a habit of screenshotting them to form a collection. Take a look at the photos I saved below! (Includes minor spoilers)

These photos are incredible, and a few of them genuinely blew me away with how awe-inspiring they were. The game’s graphics are stellar, if a bit rough around the edges at times, but the photo mechanic showcases the best of the game’s presentation, and even creates shots which are transformative of that. Thanks for stopping by!

All screenshots captured in Final Fantasy XV for Xbox One, using the Xbox One Game DVR function.

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