My Phenomenal Experience With Nier Automata (Review, Screenshots & PS4 Gameplay)

Every once in a while, an action game comes along that truly blows me away, and yet again Platinum Games is responsible for such a game. The last action game to have this effect one me was Metal Gear Rising, also by Platinum Games; an experience that combined amazing action hack-n-slash gameplay, fantastic music, and a compelling narrative. Nier Automata, a game I had been anticipating for some time (especially since the amazing demo last year) far exceeded my expectations, and it’s honestly one of my favourite games this year, and of all time.

The world of Nier Automata is beautiful and cryptic, and you’ll be mesmerized exploring the post-apocalyptic wasteland of future earth. The vision for a sci-fi android story with immense scale and shocking revelations is fully realized here, and many times I felt like I was playing an anime in game form. Of course, there are ‘anime games’, but the plot progression and events of Nier Automata felt the closest to actively experiencing the epic atmosphere of an anime. Its story is mad, cruel, touching intense and unforgettable.

I managed to complete 3 endings over the weekend, clocking in about 40 hours total. Miraculously, I only died once, which is surprising considering the game is quite hard. But through it all, I gained an experience that’s sure to last with me. Beautiful and epic music, unique and challenging gameplay, and unique characters which you’ll grow to love and care about, especially through the latter struggles in the game. You can check out a few screenshots I took whilst playing, as well as watch my various boss fights throughout the game (contains minor to major spoilers). All gameplay was captured on PS4 Pro using the Game DVR function. Nier Automta is absolutely amazing, a truly powerful gem of an action game.

Nier Automata- Simone Boss Battle (Minor Spoilers)

The first truly intense boss fight in Nier Automata. Minor spoilers.

Nier Automata- Boku-Shi Boss Battle (Minor Spoilers)

Close to the end of 2B’s route, I face a tough spider-like ‘Goliath class’ robot in the abandoned factory. Minor spoilers.

Nier Automata- Boku-Shi 2nd Boss Battle (Minor Spoilers)

The 2nd encounter with the spider-like robot, closing in on the end game. Minor spoilers.

Nier Automata- Eve Final Boss (Major Spoilers)

The dramatic final boss battle of 2B’s route, facing off against a brother’s wrath. Major Spoilers.

Nier Automata- Rogue Units Event Battle (Major Spoilers)

The incredibly intense fight where allies turn on each other in the battlefield. Major spoilers.

Nier Automata- Hegel Boss Battle (Major Spoilers)

A2 faces off against a flying centipede-like robot in the desert. Crazy, amazing fight from start to finish. Major spoilers.

Nier Automata- Defending the Abandoned Factory, Event Battle (Major Spoilers)

The epic final stand that A2 and Pascal make to defend the abandoned factory from an onslaught of robot invaders. Major spoilers.

Nier Automata- Operator 210 Boss Battle (Major Spoilers)

9S reaches the summit of the final Resource Unit and unfortunately fights a familiar face. Major spoilers.

Nier Automata- Ko-Shi & Ro-Shi Extended Boss Battle (Major Spoilers)

The amazing, extended boss fight that switches between A2 and 9S, leading up to the phenomenal and unique final segment. You’ll need to see it to believe it. Major spoilers

Nier Automata- Ending C Final Boss (Major Spoilers)

The final decisive choice that leads to Ending C in Nier Automata. MAJOR Spoilers ahead.

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