Back On BlazBlue! New BlazBlue Centralfiction Replays

Despite owing the game for some time, I hadn’t played any matches of BlazBlue Centralfiction online, so I decided to change that. Despite my apprehension at first in deciding to play it, I instantly remembered why I loved the series to begin with. It was tough, it was stressful, it was hilarious, and it was satisfying. Check out some of the great replays I got from my play session this week!

BBCF- JusticeSoulTuna [Ragna] vs OMEGAJAPPO [Mai]

BBCF- JusticeSoulTuna [Ragna] vs SavageDeviljho [Izayoi]

BBCF- JusticeSoulTuna [Ragna] vs birdy55 [Terumi]

BBCF- JusticeSoulTuna [Ragna] vs MuraSenpai [Hibiki]

BBCF- JusticeSoulTuna [Ragna] vs Mal-42 [Hakumen]

BBCF- JusticeSoulTuna [Ragna] vs Mal-42 [Jin]

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