SFV PC Beta Matches by JST (March 31 2017)

Matches from the SFV PC Beta, on March 31 2017. Using Juri, against a player named ‘ZEEENXX’ and their various characters.

From playing the PC beta, I can confirm the following:
-MP DP still DOES NOT have upper body invincibility against air attacks, and this has been pointed out in feedback forums.
-HP DP works surprisingly well alternatively; due to the longer active frames, as well as the angle.
-PC connection is ok, but this was the only player I could find with a decent connection. Battle Lounge connections still don’t show up.
-After getting the settings right, the game ran smoothly on my PC. However, replays don’t record well with OBS, which is annoying.
-Using a Xbox One controller for the game felt just right!

Not the highest quality matches, and I didn’t have my unlocked colors from PS4, but I managed to do some cool stuff regardless. Once they fix what needs fixing and roll out the update for PS4, I’ll try to hop back in for more sessions. Thanks for watching and be sure to drop a Like if you enjoyed it!

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