Creating A Definitive List of Buffs & Changes For Juri In SFV

From now until July 2017, I am compiling a list of buffs/changes from Juri players and enthusiasts, in order to produce a definitive list of potential changes. This will hopefully form a reasonable and structured perspective for Capcom to see, and hopefully one day implement for Juri in SFV. So instead of random, radical lists of buffs (as previously seen from some people) for Juri based on a shallow knowledge of her, this would be an informed representation of what the Juri community thinks she needs. As such, feel free to submit any and all changes you would like to see for Juri, by messaging me on here, on Twitter, or where-ever else you can reach me. In July 2017 (a year since Juri’s release in SFV), I will make another video, this time with a list that considers every person’s opinions and finds common ground for the definitive list. Let’s make it happen!

Music is:
101 Trailer, from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

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