SFV s2- Testing Juri’s Tensenrin Changes (SFV Spring Update 2017)

This vid will demonstrate how Juri’s Tensenrin attacks now work, due to the changes made to them in the recent update. I will confirm that the uppercuts work as intended, but also amend an error made about the HP Tensenrin. Her MP Tensenrin is a fantastic anti-air which beats all jump-ins, including divekicks. Her HP Tensenrin is an alternate anti-air, which can also counter grounded attacks from frame 3 of its start-up, and grounded fireballs as well (if you’re willing to risk it), but not air fireballs. LP Tensenrin will counter grabs, including command grabs. Thanks for watching and be sure to drop a Like if you enjoyed this vid!

Also, thanks to exe.Gamer2910 for adding a suggestion for what to test.

The Tensenrin changes are as follows:
L Tensenrin
-Added throw invincibility for frames 1F to 8F

M Tensenrin
-Added a hurtbox for frames 3 to 6F
-Added invincibility for airborne attacks for frames 1 to 6F

H Tensenrin
-Changed the 1F to 8F throw invincibility frames to attack/projectile invincibility from 3F to 7F

For reference- (but note this contains incorrect information about HP Tensenrin)
SFV New CFN Beta: Confirming Juri’s Tensenrin Changes- https://youtu.be/522yoeMXhQk

Music is:
Make This Right, by The Toxic Avenger (FURI soundtrack)

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