My Loot Haul From Forbidden Planet! [7-June-2017]

I wasn’t able to go to the London Comic Con this past May, however I still wanted to do something special for my own birthday which was also very recent (June 3rd, in case you’re wondering). So, I decided to take a trip to ‘Forbidden Planet’; a large entertainment goods store in central London, a place which I haven’t been to since I was a teenager.

After browsing around, I finally settled on the following things: a SHD Agent figure from The Division, a POP! Figure of Mei from Overwatch, a Halo 4 Master Chief t-shirt, ‘The Art of Deus Ex Universe’ artbook, and a figure of BT-7274 (with a mini Jack Cooper) from Titanfall 2. There were a few things I initially wanted, but couldn’t find, so I settled on these after literally minutes of indecision. In the end, I’m glad with what I got!

To tell the truth, I had wanted to buy a Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN figurine of Ky Kiske, which is very rare, yet I attempted to buy it on Amazon and Nippon-Yasan, only to discover it was out of stock in both places. Sadly, it’s way too expensive and/or it has obscenely long delivery time elsewhere, so I had to give up on it. Which is why I decided to use that money to get these items instead. Also, it was a nice day out in London too!

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