Tekken 7- Lars Combo Guide (Practical Combos, w/ Inputs On-Screen)

This vid will show you some typical combo examples for Lars in Tekken 7, and I include a short segment on simple follow-ups for specific stage interactions. Note that not all of these are the exact max damage for each starter, but merely straight-forward examples you can use to train with. The full input notations are available in the description below.

1= LP
2= RP
3= LK
4= RK

B= Back
F= Foward (FF = Foward, Foward, or Dash)
U= Up
D= Down
N= Neutral

WR= While Rising (Crouch, then while standing up)
CH= Counter Hit

Standard Juggles->
UF.3 – 58dmg
UF.3 -WR.4 -DF.2,1 -F.3,1,F -1

UF.4 – 60dmg
UF.4 -DF.2,1 -F.3,2 -F.2,1 -1

F.3,1+2 – 54dmg
F.3,1+2 -WR.4 -DB.2,1 -F.2,1 -1

F.1+2 – 60dmg
F.1+2 -DF.2,1 -F.3,2 -F.2,1 -1

FF.2 – 65dmg
FF.2 -N.4 -F.3,2 -DF.1 -F.2,1 -1

FB.2,1 – 62dmg
FB.2,1 -F.3,2 -DF.1 -DF.2,1 -F.3,1,F -1

WR.1 – 61dmg
WR.1 -N.4 -F.3,2 -DF.1 -F.2,1 -1

Stage Conversions->
Near Wall
Try: DF.2,1 -F.1+4 [DONE

Breakable Wall (Falling)
Try: DF.3,3

Breakable Wall (Shatter)
Try: B.3,4

Floor Break
Start with UF.4 -D.2
Try: DF.2,1 -F.3,2 -F.2,1 -1

Counter Hits->
CH DB.4 – 62dmg
CH DB.4 -WR.4 -DB.2,1 -DF.2,1 -F.3,1,F -1 [DONE

CH DB.1+2 – 61dmg
CH DB.1+2 -DF.2,1 -F.3,2 -F.2,1 -1 [DONE

CH FF.1+2 – 58dmg
CH FF.1+2 -F.3,2 -DB.2,1 -F.2,1 -1 [DONE

CH F.3,2 – 62dmg
CH F.3,2 -F.3,2 -DF.1 -DF.2,1 -F.3,1,F -1 [DONE

Music is:
Breaching The Veil, from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

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