Tekken 7- Punishing Rage Arts with Lars (Multi-Scenario, with Inputs On-Screen)

This vid will demonstrate how to punish Rage Arts in a variety of scenarios with Lars, and against the Rage Arts with different attack properties. Players of all skill levels commonly use Rage Art on its own, so knowing how to respond to it effectively will help your gameplan overall. Thanks for watching and be sure to drop a Like if you enjoyed this vid!

Recorded in Tekken 7 for PS4 Pro.

Input Key:
1= LP
2= RP
3= LK
4= RK

B= Back
F= Foward (FF = Foward, Foward, or Dash)
U= Up
D= Down
N= Neutral

WS= While Standing (Crouch, then while standing up)

Music is:
Chaotic Battle, from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

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