SFV Juri Definitive Buff Suggestions By The Community (Complete List + Discussion)

STREET FIGHTER V_20161206225417

After weeks of collecting suggestions from all parts of the SFV Juri community and playerbase, I was able to create this final list which incorporates a consensus of all their ideas in general. This buff list was created to give a clearer picture of what the SFV Juri players want for her development within the game’s meta. In particular, the list was composed of the most commonly echoed and agreed upon buffs and changes that players want for Juri. This list isn’t meant to represent the views of literally every Juri player, nor does it presume to be the perfect thing that Juri needs in SFV, but it should hopefully provide a good perspective on where the community wants her to go, overall. As such, feel free to openly discuss how you feel about the final ideas which composed this list, and add any ideas you’d like for Juri changes as well. Please remain respectful, but don’t be afraid to share your honest opinion. Thanks for watching and be sure to drop a Like if you enjoyed this vid. And please, be sure to share this with Capcom and let them know what the community wants to see for Juri in SFV. Full credit to all contributors is below, and you can also find a link to a Google Doc with a written version of this list, and a link to the original video I made which asked for suggestions.

JThreeChannel, Serchinno, Luke Pryer, Thatoneguy, Apa123APA, Modoosi, Ramzei, SolidBman1988, Phtm_Miria, Dasmesee, SonOfTheHeaven, brainpipe, Lamarr123, The F4ke, XwinX, WTFProoF, Liftedleaf, PresidentMagikarp, Justme_coconuts, LanceLin, VO_KiddHaze, Chuck Nasty, Vanity_Step, Flivix, DannyKetchGR, Riskbreakerz, Triox, AT_Oscar, Ahrenk, Marcos Andre, Balabilo, chickenlittle11, PendonculeDeGzor, r3dGilgamesh, LockM, AriesWarlock, Alex Smith, Benny Rabbit, Luis Guilherme Camargo, Beni Ledergerber, Kendrys Draws, exe.Gamer2910, Crescent Dagger, ZioSerpe, LionJack, Stormdetonation, Froztey, Skort, Fatal Error XI, Dime_X, Reithan.
The r/StreetFighter sub reddit, the Juri Discord channels, the SRK Juri forums, my Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers!

Google Doc of the buff list in text form – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q6T-4CpmedUeTXeSrFTaKRUAFYYE-T1PUcn12cgkVik/edit?usp=sharing

Creating A Definitive List of Buffs & Changes For Juri In SFV – https://youtu.be/jVavXiZD-1Q

Music is: Juri Theme Remix, by KwanUnade
Link to YouTube page- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rSeRlHeyEE

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