All Strider Costumes Collected! [Strider 2014, Steam Version]

Strider Hien in-game

When I first played the new Strider game (the remake/reboot released in 2014), I managed to get all of the Strider costumes. Unfortunately, I did this on the Xbox 360 version of the game, so without a decent capture card I had no way of sharing the images of the costumes.

Luckily, Humble Bundle did a great deal for some Capcom games, so I was able to get Strider on PC for pretty cheap! It was really fun playing through the game again, and I got to work on finding all the Strider costumes again. Very recently, I found all of them, and you can see each of them below.


Also, once you’ve collected all the costumes, you can customize your own color set for Strider from that point on. Cool feature; though it’s a shame there’s no new game plus to carry it over into. Regardless, I made a black, white and gold color set (which looks too dark in the menu, haha), and you can see that too.

Strider is a really awesome, underrated action-platformer. Strong ‘Metroid-vania’ elements, awesome visuals, and genuinely enjoyable combat.

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