COD: Infinite Warfare- All FTL Rig Normal Outfits


Since I began playing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare in November 2016, the ‘Combat Rig’ I enjoyed playing as the most was ‘FTL’. It’s the rig I have played as, to this day, and I have managed to unlock all of the rig’s normal outfits. This was a long process, which consisted of levelling up FTL, completing unique challenges, and levelling up the Sabre Team Seven and Blood Anvil mission teams. Blood Anvil, in particular, took an annoying amount of time, so I’m glad I got the outfits in the end!

Take a look at the outfits below.

Since I play exclusively FTL (and only other rigs occasionally for contracts/challenges), the outfits exclude Solar and Black Sky, since the unlock conditions for these would involve completing the challenges of all other rigs. So apologies if you were expecting to see those outfits. Of course, this collection doesn’t include all of the Quartermaster outfits, hence why I titled this ‘normal’ outfits i.e. the outfits I could unlock simply by playing FTL. All that backstory aside, here are front-facing shots of each outfit.

Hopefully I can get all the outfits from supply drops too, but I highly doubt that, haha. I really wanted to get the ‘Salter’ hero rig outfit, which transforms FTL to have the head and physique of Nora Salter from the Infinite Warfare campaign. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it during the hero rig package deal (which cost 250 keys, mind you, but I did manage to get Ghost from MW2!), and to be honest I rarely open supply drops these days, because I actually hate rng systems like this, and how you’ll never get some cool loot.

It’s why I was happy to earn all these normal outfits, especially the Diamond outfit, which I proudly wear in most matches these days. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my personal success!

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