Destiny 2 – My First Month Loot: Weapons, Vehicles, & More!

Legend of Acrius

In the month since the launch of Destiny 2, I’ve been getting some really amazing stuff! I already showed what I accomplished in the first week, so now I’ll show you what loot I gained in the first month. I’ve kept track of all my favourite weapons, Ghost shells, Sparrows and more, and you’ll get to see all of them here.

First, I’ll start with the weapons. Destiny 2 has some really cool weapons, especially compared to the original game. I still miss certain ones, but the stuff here is great for a variety of reasons. Take a look!




Next, I’ll show you the Ghost shells that I really like. They don’t provide armour buffs anymore, but they do have other unique advantages. These usually tend to be extra XP boosts for certain planets, or certain activities.


These are my favourite ships; and while you can’t tell from these screenshots, they now aren’t just aesthetic loading screens! Each ship now comes with (or can be equipped with) a unique ‘transmat’ effect, so when you enter a planet or respawn, you’ll have a specific animation. Cool!


Next, these are my favourite Sparrows. Sparrows now have differing stats which determine how they handle in the field. Also, for the 160 Speed ones, there is a noticeable difference in acceleration, and it feels great.


I think it’s also worthwhile taking a moment to appreciate the subclass art in the game. Each subclass now has a splash screen with stylized art, as well as additional lore you can read about what the class represents. It’s a nice bit of extra detail to both the story and the personality of the game.


Finally, these are several screenshots of my characters posing in different planets and areas. The worlds of Destiny 2 are beautiful and full of wonder, and every so often I have to stop to admire it. You can too, with these fantastic screenshots!


You’ll be interested to know that as of posting this today, 10th October 2017, I have gotten ALL the achievements in Destiny 2. There’s only 13 of them, but each requires a long commitment to a task, and I have managed to do all of them. Take a look at my TrueAchievements profile page for confirmation:

And that’s all! Now that I’ve done basically everything there is to do in Destiny 2, I’m just going to enjoy doing the weekly challenges and wait until the first DLC drops later this year. I bought the Digital Deluxe edition, so I’m all in for the full future of Destiny 2. Expect to see more videos and screenshots from me soon. Thanks for reading!

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