Overwatch Uprising with Friends [PC Gameplay]

Completing the Normal difficulty of the new Overwatch ‘Uprising’ DLC, with a bunch of friends on PC. We played the All Heroes option, and this was actually the final attempt of the day, after failed attempts at completing Hard difficulty, haha. Apologies about the technical issues: my mic volume was way too low, and the constant frame drops during crucial moments. To be clear, this was recorded with OBS, so I’ll have to experiment to figure out how to get smooth recordings for games like this. This was definitely a learning experience for future recordings of this style! I hope you’re able to endure the technical stuff, and if you did, thanks for watching!

Players were: BadBigby (Callum) as Widowmaker, GameTripp (Cheri) as Ana, Falconman624 (Noah) as Orisa. And of course, myself, JusticeSoulTuna, as Soldier 76.

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