-Small Collection of Old Watches-

2013-08-01 16.52.46

While sorting through some of my various bags containing old stuff, I came across my small collection of old watches. You’d probably wonder what the point of keeping old watches that don’t work anymore is, but to me it’s a reminded of the times that have passed (no pun intended). Each watch represents a story; a segment of my life where each watch was present and I’d always be checking it. Either cause I had to be somewhere, or I was waiting for something to end, or I was being socially awkward by avoiding eye contact. Of course I have a new watch now and these sorts of things still happen, so it’s funny to look at these watches and remember all those times. As I enter a new chapter of my life I’ve spent alot of time reminiscing the past few years and these watches are a visual reminder of those years.