-Best of JST 2012 Video Series-

So 2013’s here!! I look forward to a new year of gaming awesomeness, technological advances, new experiences, oh and of course doing well in my final year of uni Winking smile

2012 was a great year for my channel on youtube, gaining me a lot more subscribers and helping me find even more direction with my videos as my quality and video editing improved. As a way of bringing together the sort of ‘best of the best’ I made a video series with annotation links that shows off all my best videos. I urge you to check them out, like, share and favourite them if you want, and a comment and sub wouldn’t hurt either Winking smile 2012 was an awesome year, and I’m definitely gonna keep on keepin on and make 2013 rock even more!!

-The Best of JST 2012: Main Links Portal-

-The Best of JST 2012: Modern Warfare 3 Links-

-The Best of JST 2012: Street Fighter x Tekken Links-

-The Best of JST 2012: Playlist Links-

That’s all the vids. Give them all a watch and enjoy =] Also be sure to check out ‘The Best of JusticeSoulTuna’ video which is linked in both the main video and on the About section of this blog. See ya =>