The Best Of SFxT Blast Unlimited

I thought I’d bring the show to a close with a lengthy compilation of the stand-out clip from each episode of the show. The show had been in hiatus for months and I knew that the content had dried up so badly that it was almost impossible to keep it going. Which is a shame, cause I really loved the show and all that happened with it. The last episode was released recently, so technically the show ended this month, but its natural end was around July. Which, much aptly, is a year since I started the show.

Regardless, take a look at the compilation and re-live all the awesome moments we got to see on it. I’m really happy with how well it did and it’s my most successful Youtube series. I hope that everyone enjoyed tuning in and everyone continues to look out for my SFxT content.

Also, here’s the 35th and last episode which I published the day before. It’s sayonara to Blast Unlimited.

-Ultra Weekly Highlights #4 [16/09/14]-

Decapre Ultra 1

After a long hiatus, I finally managed to get another episode out. Probably shouldn’t have called it ‘weekly’ if I known it’d be this inconsistent, haha.
That aside, this episode has a ton of Hugo stuff but it’s actually quite funny to watch. There’s some other really cool clips with other characters as well.

SFxT Quick Tips Series: Jin Combo Tech + Lars Tips

Been a while since I’ve made SFxT tech videos, but no I’m not done with the game. With that said, here’s two new videos for SFxT. The first shows you how Jin can do his Median Line Destruction move after an uppercut, without the need of a juggle. The second video is speculation and experimentation with footsie tools to deal with Zangief’s standing jab. Take a look if you’re interested!




Behold The Narrative: Anita Sarkeesian’s Stranglehold On Gaming

This has gone on long enough. I refuse to sit and watch intellectual dishonesty go on like this. Obviously, NO ONE deserves vitriol or real, credible threats, but for this to become about the gaming community once again…I refuse to let this woman reap the rewards of her professional victimhood. This isn’t about doxxing women, this isn’t about suppressing opinion, this isn’t about not wanting female gamers to feel welcome; this is about calling out BULLCRAP when it’s clearly happening. Listen to my whole podcast before forming your opinion. The gaming community can and will get through this. We need to stand together on this one. No more gender divides. No more ‘straight white male’ or ‘girl gamer’ crap. No more skewed statistics or use of straw men to generate falsehoods. We’re all just gamers. Everyone is different; men and women. We ALL enjoy different things. And we should not let this woman create dissonance any further. The power is in our hands. We showed the world that we aren’t the violent criminals waiting to happen that Jack Thompson seemed to think we were. Now, let’s show to the world that gamers aren’t the sexist boys’ club that these hacks and con artists want us to be.

Link dump from video-

Anita’s new video:
InternetAristocrat’s videos: |
MundaneMatt’s video:
Twitter threat page:
Threat page ‘breakdown’:
Verge article:
Thunderfoot video:
B-TEN article about female characters:
Super Smash Bros Samus outfit announcement:
Max Temkin controversy:
David Vonderhaar threats:

-Voice of JST- Part 36: Gaming Icons For A New Generation-

In this new podcast, a good friend of mine joins me through Xbox Live to talk about gaming’s history and how a lot of modern games are just as important as the ‘classics’. We both agree that games of old have been influential on the gaming industry, but we think that games today are just as good and create great experiences for today’s youth.

Ultra Weekly Highlights #3 [07/08/14]


JUST DO IT. In all seriousness, there’s a lot of ballsy moments in this week’s episode. Sorry for the hiatus, but like with Blast Unlimited, it’s hard to make episode without submitted content. So, thanks for the wait and enjoy the episode!!

Rock And Revy Share A Brief Respite [Black Lagoon Fan Ficition]


[Quick background to this short story: I never write fan fiction and to be honest I was hesitant about doing this one. However, I finally decided to do it because I felt confident enough that I could properly emulate the characterization of Rock and Revy from Black Lagoon. I’m a huge fan of complex relationships and I was hoping to write a short story that could put a smile on your face, but wouldn’t break the characterization of the canon storyline. With all that said, I hope you enjoy my short story]

Rock And Revy Share A Brief Respite

The ocean waves slowly lashed at the sides of the Lagoon boat as it sped its way back to Roanapur. The sun was beaming down and the birds were flying close to the water; all was calm in the South China sea. Rock had decided to perch himself on the top of the deck, resting with his back to one of the outer walls of the boat. Completely slumped to the ground, messy and disheveled, Rock was attempting to nurse a bruise on his forehead using a can of beer that was slowly losing its cool feeling. Eyes shut and grimacing, Rock pondered on why he always seems to get himself in these situations.

His solitary thoughts were soon interrupted by a familiar sounding voice. Revy, who had just surfaced on the deck, bent over slightly and with a mock salute said “Hey there Doctor Rock, how is the operation going?”. “Shut up…” said Rock lazily, unamused at Revy’s attempt to rile him up. “Oh, lighten up dipshit! That’s what you get for bringing words to a gun fight!”, Revy said before bursting into laughter. She had to hold her sides just to contain herself. Rock looked up at her with a disapproving look but said nothing. Revy was referring to their recent job with a client, a job which went sour once negotiations failed. Rock, of course, felt the literal brunt of that failure on his forehead as the client decided to hit him in the head with the butt of his gun.

“Believe it or not, I still think that any problem can be solved with diplomacy, Rebecca”, Rock said callously, interrupting Revy’s laughter. Revy stopped instantly, stood right above him with her hands on her sides and glared at Rock. If looks could kill, thought Rock as he casually looked away. Realizing her intimidation techniques rarely work on Rock, Revy eased up and shrugged. “Well, I can’t help it if a situation goes ass backwards. Ya just gotta know what to do with it”, Revy said. “Oh man, the look on that scumbag’s face when he saw what a real gun looked like,” Revy gloated as she pulled out one of her ‘Cutlass’ handguns. “He talked a big game, waving around his piece like he’s a big dick, but when it came down to it…”, she said whilst taking aim at the air. “Bang!”, she said with a big grin on her face.

Rock at the time was more concerned with his currently fading cigarette than Revy’s poor attempts at modesty. He considered taking out another one but was more interested in his bruised forehead for the moment. “I guess you sure took care of him”, he said, half jokingly. “Yeah, but maybe next time you can do it dipshit, that is if you finally learn how to use guns,” Revy said. “I don’t like guns, remember?” Rock said while sighing. “Yeah but they sure as hell seem to like you” Revy retorted while breaking into laughter again. This time, Rock really had nothing to say and instead looked down listlessly.

Revy ceased her laughter and noticed Rock wasn’t in the mood for silly banter. She then pulled out a cigarette and while lighting it, said “Guess you’re that depressed about this shit huh?”. After lighting it and putting away the lighter, she said “Tell you what though, even without guns you’re really fuckin brave, you know that?”. Rock glanced at her once and replied with a somber “Very funny…”. Revy then stood still and stared at Rock earnestly saying “I really mean that”. Rock hadn’t been looking at Revy in that moment so he couldn’t sense whether she was being genuine or not. Instead, he instinctively took out a cigarette of his own, abandoning the hope of making his bruised forehead feel any better.

Feeling like he was ready for the day to end, Rock reclined on the wall he sat near and said “I think I’ll take a nap before we get back. Don’t really want to think about anything for a while”. As he shut his eyes for a moment, cigarette burning slowly while in his mouth, he heard a soft thud and noticed that Revy had sat right next to him. Like him, she sat with her knees bent and close to her chest and hands resting on her thighs, casually taking in the ocean breeze. “Hey, don’t worry about it Rock, least you got me to be your bodyguard and shit. I’ll always be there to save your sorry ass” Revy said endearingly as she looked up at the sky in a solemn gaze. Rock smiled and chuckled while saying “Thank you”. His eyes were still closed and right before he could drift off to sleep, something unexpected happened.

Suddenly, he felt what seemed to be Revy’s head resting on his shoulder, having moved closer to him in the process. While Rock was definitely surprised, he wasn’t at all repulsed by it and instead opened his eyes to see a calm and resting Revy. “You gonna tell me why I’m being used as a pillow?” Rock spoke up. With her eyes now closed and no signs of moving from her position, Revy replied “Hey, since you mentioned taking a nap, I thought I’d have one too. Big girls like me gotta take a break from the action every now and then.” Rock chuckled. “Why, is this a problem?” Revy asked, almost irately. “Nah, it’s fine” Rock said, shutting his eyes once again.

After about a minute, Revy then inquired “Hey, so when the hell are you gonna wear that Hawaiian shirt I bought you? I keep telling you that shit suits you”. “No”, Rock replied firmly. All that could be heard then was the sound of ocean and the humming of the Lagoon. In-between battles of life and death, Rock and Revy shared a short moment together.