-SFxT Blast Unlimited [Ep 30] 15/04/14-

BU30Back to a normal episode this week (after the PlayNina April Fools thing) and what an episode this is. There’s always bound to be weird stuff on this show but a lot of this stuff is definitely ‘WTF’. Some cool combos towards the end too.


-SFxT 2013- Lars/Jin After Party [Combo Video]-

Somewhat of a spiritual successor to the ‘Variety Show’ series, After Party is my first proper combo video for Lars/Jin in 2014. I hadn’t played SFxT in a long time but now that I have, I decided to put together some slick combos. These were harder to pull off than they needed to be, cause of my fightpad being weird lately, but they all came out ok and it was fun to make. Hope you like it.

-SFxT Blast Unlimited [Combo Edition] 18/03/14-

BUSpecialDecided to switch things up a bit this week by having a compilation of combos instead of just clips from matches. I wish it could’ve been much longer, though I guess it’s my fault for setting the submission window to only one week, haha. That said, I think it came out ok. Hope you enjoy it =]

-SFxT Blast Unlimted [Ep 27] 11/03/14-

BU27Still a somewhat short episode but there’s some serious ‘WTF’ moments in this one. Some of the clip quality isn’t too great because it’s from off-screen footage, but you can still tell what’s happening. Hope you enjoy the video. Also, remember to be a part of the next episode’s project, which involves sending me combos instead of just normal clips, details here.