-Voice Of JST- Part 34: Gaming As Catharsis-

In this podcast, I talk about Sword Art Online II episode 3 and how it relates to gaming as catharsis: the healing process that games give us, allowing us to overcome our real life struggles. I talk about the positive and negative reinforcement that games have and I talk about why I think a cathartic feeling in games is very important. Hope you find this podcast interesting. Let me know how you feel about gaming too!

-SFxT Blast Unlimited [Ep 34] 22/07/14-


It’s baaaaack! Only for a short episode though, sorry. The lack of content for SFxT right now is making it hard to find anything to make an episode out of. I’ll still continue the show as long as people submit stuff. Thanks for always tuning in.


-Voice Of JST- Part 34: Knowledge Is Power-

For a while now, the most irksome thing about games like Street Fighter was how they’d tell you so little yet expect you to know a lot. It made think of this topic about knowledge in competitive games and how as an asset it’s just as important as memorizing combos or understanding mechanics. I talk a great deal about how to utilize the resources available to ensure that you got everything you need to stay on top.

-Ultra Weekly Highlights #2 [10/07/14]-

New week, and we have an even better episode of Ultra Weekly Highlights. Street Fighter doesn’t make sense sometimes and this is definitely one of those times. Other than one or two cool combos, some really random stuff happens, so I hope you enjoy it.

Ultra Weekly Highlights #1 [04/07/14]

After a bit of a nightmare, I finally managed to download Ultra Street Fighter IV. With that, I was able to play some matches with my friends and find several hilarious moments. Thus, I present to you the first episode of Ultra Weekly Highlights! Hopefully, in time, more people will submit clips and I can get a regular show going. Until then, I’ll make do with what I’ve got. Be sure to give the episode a like if you enjoyed it.

-Voice of JST- Part 33: The Importance of Fundamentals

In my latest Voice of JST installment, I decide to talk about ‘fundamentals’ in competitive games, specifically fighting games. The topic came to me when I realized how something as simple as the ‘basics’ often are learned too late or not at all in games, since we’re so per-occupied with learning fancy combos or super moves. Give this a listen if you’re interested in the topic in any capacity. Thanks.

-SFxT Blast Unlimited [Ep 33] 03/06/14-


In this week’s episode, cross assault seems to go horribly wrong. Or right. Either way it’s hilarious.
Hope you enjoy the episode. Sorry for the extended absence. The lack of clips being submitted plus my own busy matters made it hard to do a new episode. I’d like to get back to regulary scheduled stuff though. Also, it’s my birthday today!! =D

Check out my new personal blog, for advice articles and photography


Big hello to all of my followers. I decided to start an all new blog [http://lifeandlikes.wordpress.com/] specifically for my advice articles and also for my photography. Everyone who’s been following me for those specific reasons should definitely follow that new blog, because I’ll put the majority of that stuff there. I’ll still use this blog for gaming, anime and other general stuff, but I’m hoping to make that other blog more personal to me and less all over the place like this blog. There will probably still be some overlap so it’s fine if you follow both blogs. I hope all my followers see this post and I hope the ones interested will make the move. Thanks guys.


How A Name Can Work Against A Game Series [Opinion Piece Video]

I recently wrote an opinion piece for 6aming.com about how big game series names can often hold them back from doing new things, so I decided to make a video version. Give it a watch below and give me your thoughts on the subject in the YouTube comments section.