-USFIV- C. Viper Omega Mode Combos

This is my 3rd omega mode combo video, so at this point you can tell that I really like this mode. For this vid, I just made a bunch of C. Viper combos based on her new moves, which work incredibly well with the rest of her moves. As usual, execution with her is tricky but pulling the combos off was satisfying. Hope you enjoy the video!

-USFIV- Decapre Omega Mode Combos

After how much fun I had with Decapre in the first omega mode video, I decided to see how much more she can do. The results were both entertaining and rewarding! Check out this solo combo vid for Decapre in omega mode and see what kind of absurd things she can do. I’ll definitely be making more Omega mode videos down the line.

-USFIV- Fun With Omega Mode [Combo Video]

Fresh off the release of Omega mode, I decided to make some quick combos for the characters I play: Ryu, Juri, Yun and Rose, and also added some Decapre. Her combos were both the easiest and most fun to do, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching them. Be sure to drop a like and comment on the video!

Ultra Weekly Highlights #8

Chun Li Ultra

Yes, I was most definitely full of myself this time around, because honestly it’s rare for me to play this well within a short space of time :p. Other than the clips where I’m trying to make myself look like the best street fighter player, there’s also some really awesome reads that happen throughout. You’ll be surprised at some of the stuff that manages to happen. Enjoy the episode.

A Year In Combos -2014- [Combo Video Compilation]

Just like last year, I decided to make a collection of some of the best combos from my videos this year. I tried to make sure I only included original combos that weren’t part of 2 or more videos and mixed them up enough that you weren’t seeing the exact same thing several times. Last year’s video was a lot longer and varied I must admit, though it had even more SFxT than this video does, haha. That said, I’m still proud of making it and I hope you enjoy it too!

The Best Of SFxT Blast Unlimited

I thought I’d bring the show to a close with a lengthy compilation of the stand-out clip from each episode of the show. The show had been in hiatus for months and I knew that the content had dried up so badly that it was almost impossible to keep it going. Which is a shame, cause I really loved the show and all that happened with it. The last episode was released recently, so technically the show ended this month, but its natural end was around July. Which, much aptly, is a year since I started the show.

Regardless, take a look at the compilation and re-live all the awesome moments we got to see on it. I’m really happy with how well it did and it’s my most successful Youtube series. I hope that everyone enjoyed tuning in and everyone continues to look out for my SFxT content.

Also, here’s the 35th and last episode which I published the day before. It’s sayonara to Blast Unlimited.

-Ultra Weekly Highlights #4 [16/09/14]-

Decapre Ultra 1

After a long hiatus, I finally managed to get another episode out. Probably shouldn’t have called it ‘weekly’ if I known it’d be this inconsistent, haha.
That aside, this episode has a ton of Hugo stuff but it’s actually quite funny to watch. There’s some other really cool clips with other characters as well.